Finding Home

Finding Home

The things that make me feel safe and sound are mostly immaterial. Genuine conversations; freedom; music; being deeply understood. Physical objects rarely bring me comfort, but I do find myself fiercely protecting a short list of a few tangible tokens. Tasty, nutritious food; a balanced home; a distraction-free workspace; plants; unique pieces of art. Take … Continue Reading

To be a Better Writer, I must understand my Needs

Being a writer is like breathing. It brings with it life, clarity, and fuel for the vessel carrying the soul through The Journey. Learning to write, on the other hand, is like learning to ride a bike. Except that this particular bike is extra jerky, producing constantly-shifting aerodynamics making the rider’s body contort in ways … Continue Reading

Conversation between Heart and Brain

Brain: I’m not used to this. Why is everything taking so damn long! I’ve always gotten everything I needed and wanted with ease. I never had to wait this long. Or ever, really. Heart: But you’re different now – older, wiser. You’re closer to yourself than you’ve ever been, and that scares you. It freaks … Continue Reading