Practical Self

  • Provide practical guidelines towards reaching a specific goal or experiencing a particular state of being:
    1. Define the crisis or transcendence point
    2. Offer a clear way out
    3. Must be based on personal experience or sound research
  • Start and end with at least one paragraph of context. Provide a brief background of the topic or personal story.


  • Speak from the heart
  • Personal stories and/or organized stream of consciousness
  • Must have unique literary quality inspired by deep conviction and self-reflection

Human Tech

  • Reviews or spotlights on new technology that would affect the human condition in a profound way.
  • Must have a discerning, critical eye for analyzing benefits vs. potential pitfalls of the technology. 
  • May offer best practices on the uses of technology in general or a specific product

360 Mental Health

  • More than traditional perspectives of mental health
  • Perspectives will usually not align with the medical model that stems from an allopathic, dualistic paradigm of pathology, symptom-relief, and profit-over-person.
  • Ideas will include the human being as a whole person – mind, soma, spirit – and will often have a sociocultural component

Social Impact

  • Displays myriad perspectives related to social, cultural, political, economic, or global issues
  • Often written from an investigative lens critiquing the messages and layers of disinformation circulating in all forms of media
  • Balanced fact-checking with deep-dive research
  • Must be as un-biased as possible, not adhering to any particular political agenda

The Original Design

  • Ideas that integrate the scientific with the spiritual
  • Anything that helps us understand the mystery of nature, the cosmos, our human design, and the patterns of intelligence throughout the world and universe

Letters to Human Family

  • Letters that speak to the universal core of all sentient beings
  • Written in a poetic, visionary/prophetic, and/or stream-of-consciousness style