Soul Keeping in Dementia

What I find intriguing is how the soul-identity of a person living with dementia is incrementally, imperceptibly transferred for safe keeping with loved ones. Personhood is conferred less and less by actual cognitive prowess and character and more and more through social bonds.┬áThis type of transcendence is completed when we pass on and leave behind … Continue Reading

reflections during a pandemic

LOVE IN PRACTICE Learning to love in a new authentic way, especially someone you’re already used to loving, can at first feel like war. This makes sense. The old cemented family patterns, generational wounds, and pre-programmed behaviors are dying, killed off by the light of new growth and healing. Hence freedom is built on the … Continue Reading

Finding Home

Finding Home

The things that make me feel safe and sound are mostly immaterial. Genuine conversations; freedom; music; being deeply understood. Physical objects rarely bring me comfort, but I do find myself fiercely protecting a short list of a few tangible tokens. Tasty, nutritious food; a balanced home; a distraction-free workspace; plants; unique pieces of art. Take … Continue Reading