Transmutation Lab

alchemy of heavy emotions

Updated 8/11/2021

National Academy of Sciences

Below is the sequence of transmuting heavier emotions into useful signals, and eventually into growth and self-discovery. This will be a ever-expanding list. Suggestions are welcome.

Guilt —> Remorse–> Releasing Shame–> Awareness–>Responsibility

Envy —> Inspiration–>Self-Acceptance

Anger–> Valuation–> Empowerment

Shame–> Forgiveness–> Expression–> Self-Love

Despair—> Dissolving Illusions–> Re-Centering–> Purpose

Frustration—> Acceptance

Resentment–> Boundaries–> Self-Worth

Loneliness —> Self-Discovery–> Intimacy

Sadness —> Grief–>Honoring the Loss –> Empathy

Fear —> Protection–>Discernment

Judgment —> Self-acceptance

Arrogance—>Self-Acceptance–>Self-Confidence–> Authentic Humility

Anxiety–> Discernment of Values and Ideals–> Acceptance and Clarity

Pity —-> Advocacy

Confusion —> Pause–> Listen–> Conviction

Desperation--> Harnessing the Energy of Urgency–> Mental Clarity–> Stillness of Heart–> Abundance